HLF Roofing Services

HLF Residential Roofing

Your home is your largest investment. Your families safety is your largest concern. Why mess around with roofing contractors willing to give you the lowest bid? Like every other industry – you get what you pay for.

IMG_0131HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal has a reputation for high quality. But offering high quality does not necessarily mean we are the costliest. Simply put, we are fair. We charge the same price no matter what type of home or neighborhood you live in. Our commitment to quality workmanship, the integrity of the products we use and the personal service we give never waiver or change with our pricing.

IMG_0181Whether you are looking for a new look with Slate roofing or simply want to replace the asphalt roofing shingles you have now, HLF Roofing is your best solution. Experts with all types of roofing materials we specialize in residential sheet metal roofing projects. However we can work with you to replace, upgrade or give you a totally new look no matter what kind of roofing material you choose.

Looking to have some skylights installed? Great! We can do that too. Our expert installers will have your skylights from the standard to the extra large installed professionally, quickly and affordably with no worry about call backs for leaky installations. We can also handle all your window, door and siding installations as well.

Call us TODAY (703)-519-3520 and let’s get your project started before the bad weather comes again.


HLF Commercial Roofing

Do you own or run a commercial building or multi tenant dwelling that may need a roof? Have you thought about roof repair or roof restoration as options? Do you know if these more economical choices are even viable for you? Let HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal help you. We can assess your existing commercial roofing and determine what will work best for your unique situation.

IMG1290Whether your commercial roofing project is complex like a high rise building or church or straightforward like a one story warehouse or strip mall, HLF Roofing and Sheet Metal is your best choice. We provide a full range of commercial roofing services including roof repair, roof restoration, roof replacement, new construction and roof maintenance. Choosing us for your commercial roofing project assures you will have professionally trained crews, experienced project management, a wide range of high quality product choices, and a seamless commercial roofing project from beginning to end.

HLF Roofing and Sheet Metal has worked over 40 years to develop a solid reputation and is considered one of the most highly respected and experienced commercial roofing contractors in the Northern Virginia area.


HLF Sheetmetal Roofing

Whether your architectural sheet metal project involves the fabrication of a uniquely hand crafted item such as a cornice, custom built-in gutter or a pre-engineered metal system, the HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal team of experienced master sheet metal craftsmen will meet or exceed your expectations.

20120302_114325Let’s face it – metal roofs are your best choice for a long term roofing solution on your commercial building or project. With new and advanced technologies to keep energy bills for cooling and heating down and huge improvements in noise control there simply is no better choice for you. Yes, upfront costs are a bit higher than the traditional roofing systems but for long term ROI and peace of mind there is nothing out there that will last longer and function better than a sheet metal roof. In fact, a sheet metal roofing system, if installed correctly, can last more than fifty years with limited maintenance over the life of the roof.

Plus, because of the ability to mold, paint and alter the materials there is a metal roof system that can meet your design and functionality goals. Copper, lead-coated copper or stainless steel offer natural beauty that traditional asphalt just simply can not provide.

So when you are looking for a sheet metal contractor in Northern Virginia with the know how and the experience to get any type of commercial work done you are looking for HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal.

HLF Copper Roofing

hlf-copper-roofingCopper offers a durability that no other roof can.  It’s appearance can compliment any style of dwelling or commercial building.  Copper has been in use for hundreds of years.  It’s weather resistant properties are among the highest of roofing materials.

Copper has an initial higher cost than some other materials, however, this is offset by the low maintenance and long life.  With proper installation, your new copper roof will last a lifetime.

HLF Gutter

No one thinks of their gutters until there is a problem. Water coming into your home. Debris causing a waterfall over your entrance door when it rains. Gutters pulling away from your home due to rotted fascia boards. There are all sorts of things that can go wrong with your gutters. Relax. HLF Roofing and Sheet Metal has got you covered. We specialize in those hard to do gutter installations that may be just a bit too high or a bit too complicated for your run of the mill gutter guy.

Gutter with Mounting optionsAt HLF roofing & Sheet Metal we use seamless 032 aluminum gutters in 15 different stock colors to match the look of your home.  We also do custom fabrications for historic structures using copper gutters or aluminum gutters with many different mounting options to fit any style home. Whether you have a simple one story ranch or a multi leveled commercial project requiring 6 inch copper gutters HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal can help you.

We also install custom downspouts and gutter guards.