Roof Repairs & Maintenance

HLF Roof Repairs

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Is your roof leaking or damaged? Don’t wait call us today for your roof repair or replacement estimate. Whether you are a home owner or responsible for the maintenance of a commercial property HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal can repair any type of roof. We can do it quickly with reasonable pricing and a guarantee on our work.

If you have a metal or copper roof that needs repair HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal has the know how and equipment to get it done. We have the sealers and tie in panels you will need or the soldering experience necessary to get the project done with as little loss to your property as possible. If you have a simple asphalt or slate roof we can get your repair completed on time and as budgeted.

Have one our roofing specialists inspect your roof, then we will let you know what to expect. Our estimates are accurate and on point – you will not have to worry about pricing changes half way through your project with HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal.


HLF Roof Maintenenance Services

roof-repairsDid you know that the average life expectancy of a roof in a commercial/industrial application is approximately 12 to 15 years?

Given the high cost of replacement you would think more facility operators or building owners would pay more attention to their roofs. The problem is that as long as the roof is working you simply do not pay much mind to it. However, when it fails it can quickly become a disaster costing huge amounts of money in lost assets for both you and your tenants. Nevermind the high cost of emergency roof repair and replacement.

You know there are ways to mitigate these costs. Give HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal a call and we will come up with a comprehensive preventative roof maintenance plan tailored to fit your specific needs and environment. We specialize in all types of roofing including historical roofing and preservation and have the expertise to save you money and the headaches that come with an ignored roofing system.

Below is a list of features included in all of our roof maintenance plans. Get your long term roofing costs under control TODAY! Call HLF Roofing & Sheet Metal for an appointment at (703)-519-3520

Our preventative roof maintenance plans include many if not all of the following items:

  • Conduct semi-annual roof inspections
  • Perform general roof clean up
  • Clean roof drains and remove debris
  • Evaluate condition of sealants at critical areas on roof
  • Perform minor general roof repairs
  • Repair pitch pans and open flashings appropriately
  • Prepare written roof inspection report
  • Produce video or image inspection for customer
  • Make long and short term recommendations